There are two Pumi bitches in my kennel already. The first was Anghiházi Gubanc, founder of the kennel.


Promising puppies were born in litter “A” so I kept one of the bitches. We have grown in number!


She is Pilisi-Kócos Ajnár.



Ritchie, aka Kertvárosi Black-Manó Axel, Gubanc’s bodyguard is a ten-year old Rottweiler. They are fond of each other very much and really stick together. Originally, Gubanc was to relieve Richie’s loneliness. Of course, she “took over” right after her arrival.



Regrettably, on 29 December 2004 Richie went over the Rainbow… We will never forget him…


From Ajnár's "I" litter I kept a female again. She is Pilisi-Kócos Írisz.