I live in Dorog, a town 40 kilometres from Budapest, in a detached house. I wanted to keep dogs all in my born days and longer than I care to remember I wanted to be a veterinarian but the latter remained a dream. Now I share my life with two dogs and three turtles.

My aim is not a high number of number of dogs but quality breeding so my kennels are not constantly full of pups ready to be taken away, sometimes the would-be owners have to wait a as long as a year. The aim is to get as close to breeding the ideal Pumi as possible, concerning both internal and external qualities. Nevertheless, this ideal cannot be reached only approached because there is no perfect, flawless dog.

My first two dogs were of mixed breeds. Unfortunately, they do not live any more.

Kormi came to us as a stray-dog and he stayed with us for about eleven years. It was he who made me start kennel-work, and anyway, this was when I started to be a dog aficionado. I was really excited over one thing: dog-shows. I persuaded my family that “one dog is less than enough” so in 1993 we took in Richie a.k.a. Kertvárosi-Black Manó Axel, a male Rottweiler. Richie was pretty successful in kennel-work and at shows as well and fathered a lot of whelps during the years. Today he is a calm, nice “old chap” who is a bit stubborn sometimes but is very affectionate and longing for love.


Kormi aki utálja, ha otthon hagyják...   Jó, ha nagyon muszáj idefekszem...   Richie, a "kan"...


When Kormi died Rihcie was left alone, which he could not really tolerate and we had to find company for him. Then I read the book Puli, pumi, mudi by Mészáros-Länger-Szabó.

Falling in love with the Pumi was the work of an instant. Its funny look, affectionate nature caught my attention immediately but it took two long years before – in the form of a black fluffball – Gubanc arrived in 2001.

A még megilletődött Gubanc...  ... és aki már otthon érzi magát... 


We chose Gubanc with much care. After discussing with several breeders we picked Angiházi kennel (owner: György Németh). After lying on the ground for three hours (we watched the puppies this way) we selected Gubanc from the litter suggested by the breeder. Gubanc came, saw and conquered, even Rihcie became attached to her at once.


Jól mutatunk így együtt, nem? Egy kis méretkülönbség Így mindjárt jobban látok!  Ami Téged érdekel, az engem is!


2002 was the year of dog shows. Becoming enthusiastic over the initial success, we visited beauty contests one after the other – all of them that year, both home and abroad. We won a lot of cups and prizes.


Kiállítás Zalaegerszeg   Junior Best Of Group


Since Gubanc is a Pumi after all, at the suggestion of Gyuri (her breeder) we tried herding as well. We stood our ground here too and beside a number of first class ratings we received a “Pumi of the day” title as well.



Amíg nem szólsz, elballagok itt hátul...

In February 2004 the first pups of Gubanc were born, 3 bitches, 3 dogs. I kept one female, Ajnár.

Regrettably, on 29 December 2004 Richie went over the rainbow, leaving the two Pumik alone.

Ajnár started participating in dog-shows in 2004 and she has achieved remarkable successes. Among her siblings, Angyal is very good too and Ábránd has passed a herding test successfully.