Pilisi-Kócos Puszcsi és én

Who am I?

My name is Dóra Holdampf, I live in Esztergom, Hungary with my family. I have been an animal lover since childhood. I first had a Rottweiler, with whom I went to dog school and passed working tests. My mum always thought I would outgrow it, but that hasn't happened to this day, and probably never will!

The pumi breed came into my life about 24-25 years ago and stuck with me irreversibly. I have been breeding the breed for over 20 years under the kennel name Pilisi-Kócos. Over the years I have had many European and World Winner, National and Interchampion dogs. My dogs can now be found almost all over the world.

My aim is not to simply increase the number of pumis. My aim is to breed pumis with as close as possible to the standard in appearance and internal characteristics. Therefore I always take special care in the selection of breeding pairs.

It is important for me that the breed does not split (as in the case of the German Shepherd or the Border Collie) into a working and a looking line. Anatomy is just as important as temperament, because the two together ensure that the pumi can perform its function. Over the years, I have wanted to develop a type close to my heart that people would recognise, and I have done quite well.

During my journey with the breed I received most support from the Länger couple (Szürkebarát Kennel) and György Németh (Anghiházi Kennel). In 2014 I had the honour to be elected President of the International Pumi Association. I am still holding this position.

In Hungary, it is possible to take a judge's exam every 10 years. 10 years ago I did not have the opportunity to do so due to the young age of my two children. In 2021, however, nothing could stand in my way and I applied. After two years of hard study, I passed the written, oral and practical exams in 2023. My main teacher and examiner was Dr. Tamás Jakkel (current President of the FCI). Since then I have been judging the breed in Hungary at international and national (CAC, CACIB) and club shows. In January 2024, I successfully passed the judge's exam for the Komondor, Kuvasz, Mudi and Puli breeds. I hope I will have the opportunity to judge these hungarian pastoral breeds soon.

Why is a Pilis-Kócos pumi the best choice?

My goal is to improve them generation by generation, so Pilisi-Kócos pumis are my worldwide references thanks to the conscious and strict breeding work! What I offer you: